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There is a girl thinking about true love is in some places, so she was looking for love from many places. But, it wasn't good nor easy, she couldn't find anywhere the true love. It was not from books, studies, libraries or any others. When she exhausted and felt so sad, she found the true love she has been looking for. It was from Him, God. Whenever she felt lonely or happy, he was there. He always be with her. the True Love. 


Seoul based womenswear brand founded in 2018 by Designer Joohee Jeong.

She has studied in Fashion design in both Korea and United States and worked as a Fashion designer and Stylist and other jobs in Fashion field. 

Love Actually brand reflects the most important is Love. Love Actually is the central thing in our lives that we tend to forget when we still live. This brand is the bridge connecting between Fashion and Love, and Love and People. 

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